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Construction No. 684

December 21, 2016

Uplift - Class 90

Fire-Not Investigated

    Steel Purlins: — (Not shown) No. 16 MSG thick steel (50 KSI min. yield strength) spaced 60" O.C.
    1. Linear Panel: — (Steel Deck) — B DECK, 22 GA. Coated steel (33 KSI min. yield strength. (Not shown) Fasteners use to attach steel deck to Purlins, self-drilling 1/4" hex drive No. 14 Impax HWH fasteners.
    2. Foamed Plastic: — (Rigid Insulation) — (Optional, not shown) —Maximum 10 in. thick combination of Item 3. Bearing plates required under panel attachment points. Optional if Cover Board (not shown) is used.

    ATLAS ROOFING CORP (View Classification) — "ACFoam II"

    2A. Substructure — (Gypsum Board) — (Optional) — (Not Shown)- Min thick 1/2 in. To be placed on top of either the liner panel (Item 2) or rigid insulation (Item 3). Combined thickness of the gypsum board and rigid insulation not to exceed 4 in. All joints to be taped with 2.5 in. wide joint tape.
    2B. Substructure — (Plywood) — (Optional) — (Not Shown) - Plywood decking, used in lieu of gypsum board, to be nom 1/2 in. thick, exposure 1 sheathing, 40/20, CD. Located over rigid insulation (Item 2). Combined thickness of the plywood and rigid insulation not to exceed 4 in.
    3. Bearing Plates: — 4 inch by 5 inch 16 GA. steel.
    3A. Substructure — (Bearing Plate): — (Optional) — Bearing plate are optional when OSB plywood is used over the rigid insulation (Item 2) and directly under panel (Item 5).
    4. Metal Roof Clips: — Slider clip thickness .0310 50 KSI min G90 steel. Clips were spaced 36 o.c.
    Clip Fasteners: — (Not shown) Fastener screws used to attach panel clips to steel deck are Concealor DP1 (2) No. 14-13 DP1, penetrated 1/2 inch beneath the steel deck.
    4A. Fasteners — (Screws): — (Not Shown) — Fasteners used to attach plywood Substructure through rigid insulation (Item 3) to liner panel (Item 2) to be No. 14-13, No. 3 Phillips drive truss head screws. Fastener length to penetrate liner panel min 1/2 in. Total of 33 fasteners per 4 by 8 ft plywood sheet to be used. Fasteners located in five rows along the 4 ft length in a 3-9-12-12-9-3 in. pattern. The two outer rows are in a 3-9-12-12-12-12-12-12-9-3 in. pattern and the three center rows are in a 2-21-24-24-21-3 in. pattern. All spacing from board edges. Fasteners used to attach panel clips (Item 4 and 5) to plywood (when plywood is fastened to liner panel as indicated above) to be No. 10-12 by 1 in. long pancake head wood screw with No. 2 Phillips drive, or No. 10-12 by 1 in. long hex-head wood screw. Two fasteners per clip.
    Vapor Barrier — — (Optional) — Single ply, used between the substructure and panel. To be min 30 lb roofing felt.

    5. Metal Roof Panels — Width 17.5 in. max with 2 in. high standing seam rib. 24 Ga. min thick coated steel. Panels continuous with no end laps. Panel ribs single seamed with an electric seaming tool with seaming operation to include upper tabs of panel clips (Item 3).

    NEW TECH MACHINERY CORP (View Classification) — New Tech Machinery "275" panel - 2" rib 17.5 wide single lock with seamer.

    PREMIUM PANELS INC (View Classification) — "275 New Lock Panel"

    Refer to general information, Roof Deck Construction, for items not evaluated.

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