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Construction No. 536

April 19, 2012

Uplift — Class 90

Fire Not Investigated

    1. Metal Roof Deck Panels* — No. 24 MSG min. Coated steel panels continuous over two or more spans. End laps to occur adjacent to purlins with panels overlapped 3 inch max. A line of sealant may be used at panel end and side laps.

    A & S BUILDING SYSTEMS L P (View Classification) — "Ultra-Dek"

    B C STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "BCL-SD"

    CENTRAL STATES MFG INC (View Classification) — "Central-Loc"

    CENTRAL TEXAS METAL ROLLFORMING INC (View Classification) — "Shurloc 300"

    MBCI (View Classification) — "Ultra-Dek"

    MESCO METAL BUILDINGS (View Classification) — "Ultra-Dek"

    NCI BUILDING SYSTEMS L P (View Classification) — "Ultra-Dek"



    UNITED STRUCTURES OF AMERICA INC (View Classification) — "Guardian I" or "Guardian II"

    WHIRLWIND STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "Super-Seam II"

    2. Roof Deck Fasteners* — (Panel Clips)— Clip to engage the metal roof deck panel rib (Item 1). Height to be 3-3/8 in. when no thermal spacer (Item 5) is used and 4-3/8 in. when a thermal spacer is used. Clips are spaced 5 ft OC max along length of panels, located at the panel ribs with three guide holes in the bottom to accommodate screw fasteners (Item 3).

    BUILDING PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT INC (View Classification) — "NC34503", "NC34504"

    NCI BUILDING SYSTEMS L P (View Classification) — "Ultra-Dek Floating Clip" or "Ultra-Dek Sliding Clip".

    3. Fasteners* — (Screws)—Fasteners for panel clips and bearing plates (Item No. 2 and 4A) through rigid insulation (or optional plywood when bearing plates are not used) and into metal deck (Item No. 7) to be No. 14 type with a Phillips head. Two screws per clip. Fastener length to be 1/2 inch longer than the total thickness of the plywood (Item No. 4), rigid board (Item No. 6) and metal deck (Item No. 7). Screws used at the end lap to be 1/4-14 by 1 inch long with 3/8 inch hex-head and separate 5/8 inch neoprene and steel washer. Six (6) fasteners are to be used in the flat section of the end lap panel with the first fastener located 3-1/4 inches from either rib and then spaced in a 3-1/2, 3-1/2, 3-1/2, 3-1/2 inch pattern. An additional fastener is to be located at the second slanted segment of the rib on both sides of the end lap panel. Fasteners used with alternate 16 MSG min. thick coated steel upper section to be No. 14 by 1 inch long self-tapping fastener. First fastener located 3/8 inch from first slanted segment in a 4, 5-1.2, 5-1/2, 4 inch pattern. Screws used to attach optional plywood substructure (Item No. 4) to the metal deck (Item No. 7) to be No. 14 type with Phillips head. Fastener length to be a minimum of 1/2 inch longer than the total thickness of the plywood, insulation and metal deck. Spacing to be 6 inches O.C. at plywood ends and 12 inch O.C. at a 2 foot pattern down the length of the plywood (total of 33 fasteners per 4 by 8 foot plywood sheet). (alternate—When bearing plates replace plywood). An optional No. 10 by 1 inch self-drilling fastener may be used to attach clip to bearing plate when installer chooses to install rigid board insulation and use the bearing plates to hold it in place until clips and panels are installed.
    4. Substructure — (Plywood)—(optional)—(Not Shown) -Plywood decking to be a nom 1/2 inch thick, exposure sheathing span C-D 40/20 plywood. To be used in lieu of bearing plates (Item No. 4A). When plywood is used the rigid insulation (Item No. 6) maximum thickness is 4 inches.
    4A. Substructure — (Bearing Plates)—(optional)-To be used in lieu of plywood (Item No. 4) with rigid insulation (Item No. 6) maximum thickness of 4.4 inches. Bearing plates to be 16 MSG minimum coated steel. Located under each clip, for support.
    5. Thermal Spacer — (optional)— (Not Shown- Polystyrene, 1 inch max thickness, 3 inches wide, cut to fit between panel clips.
    6. Rigid Insulation — Foamed plastic, minimum 1 inch thickness, maximum thickness 5-1/2 inches when plywood is used and 6 inches when bearing plates are used. Density to be a min. 2 pcf.
    6A. Waterproof Membrane — (optional)(not shown)Used to protect plywood (Item 4). Installed under panels (Item 1).
    7. Metal Deck — 22 MSG minimum thickness coated steel. Min. depth 1-1/2 inches with ribs at 6 inch O.C. End laps to be 4 inch in and occur over a purlin. Metal deck to be welded to purlins in every other flute, except for the end laps which are welded in every low flute.
    8. End-Lap Plate Assembly — (not shown)-Used at panel end laps; Consisting of a lower section, 5-5/8 inches wide, with a 1/8 inch vertical leg, formed to the general profile of the panel and having four 1 inch wide by 3/4 inch long tabs for sliding over the panel end. Upper section (optional) to be 1-1/2 inches wide 24 inches long and also formed to the general profile of the panel. Both parts fabricated from No. 16 MSG thick coated steel.
    9. Purlin — Minimum 14 MSG steel (55,000 psi min. yield strength).

    * Indicates such products shall bear the UL or cUL Certification Mark for jurisdictions employing the UL or cUL Certification (such as Canada), respectively.

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