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Construction No. 161

November 08, 2018

Uplift — Class 90

Fire Not Investigated

    1. Metal Roof Deck Panels* — No. 26 MSG minimum gauge coated steel. Panels continuous over two or more spans. End laps to occur over purlins with panels overlapped 3 in. minimum, 6 in. maximum with lap centered over purlin web. A line of tape sealant may be used at panel side and end laps.

    A & S BUILDING SYSTEMS L P (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    ACI BUILDING SYSTEMS INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR Panel"


    ALLIANCE STEEL INC (View Classification) — "Alliance PBR"

    ALLSOUTH PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENTS L L C (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    AMERICAN BUILDING COMPONENTS (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR Panel"

    AMERICAN BUILDINGS CO (View Classification) — Long Span III

    BERRIDGE MFG CO (View Classification) — "R Panel"

    BIGBEE STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "Bigbee-RibII"

    BORGA STEEL INC (View Classification) — "BSP"

    BRIDGER STEEL (View Classification) — "PBR Panel"

    BUILDING COMPONENTS INC (View Classification) — "R-PANEL" or "PBR-PANEL"

    BURROW CONSTRUCTION INC (View Classification) — "R Panel"

    BBM STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    B C STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — B C Steel Building "R/PBR"

    CENTRAL STATES MFG INC (View Classification) — "R Loc"

    CENTRAL TEXAS METAL ROLLFORMING INC (View Classification) — "R-Panel" or "PBR-Panel"

    CENTRIA, A DIVISION OF NCI GROUP, INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    CO BUILDING SYSTEMS (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"


    CORLE BUILDING SYSTEMS INC (View Classification) — "R Panel"

    CREGO METAL SYSTEMS (View Classification) — "CMR"

    DAKOTA STEEL & TRIM INC (View Classification) — "R Panel"


    FLATIRON STEEL (View Classification) — "PBR"

    GIDEON STEEL PANEL CO L L C (View Classification) — "Gideon R-Panel" or "Gideon PBR"

    GRABER POST BLDS INC (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    H&H METAL PRODUCTS INC (View Classification) — "PBR Panel"

    JAG METALS LLC (View Classification) — "PBR Panel"

    HORIZON STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    IDEAL STEEL L L C (View Classification) — "PBR Panel"

    INDACO METALS L L C (View Classification) — "Indaco R" or "Indaco PBR"

    JNL STEEL COMPONENTS INC (View Classification) — "R-PANEL" or "PBR-PANEL"

    JOHN FLANERY DBA METAL COUNTRY (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    KIRBY BUILDING SYSTEMS INC (View Classification) — "Kirby-Rib II"

    MARLYN METALS INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    MBCI (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    MCELROY METAL MILL INC (View Classification) — "R Panel"

    MESCO METAL BUILDINGS (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    METALLION INDUSTRIES INC (View Classification) — "PBR"

    METALMAX L L C (View Classification) — "R Panel" or "PBR Panel"

    METAL SALES MANUFACTURING CORPORATION (View Classification) — "R Panel", "PBR Panel".

    MUELLER INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    MUELLER INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    NCI BUILDING SYSTEMS L P (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    NORTHLAND STEEL AND TRIM (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    NUCOR BUILDING SYSTEMS, DIV OF NUCOR CORP (View Classification) — "Classic"

    OAKLAND METAL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "PBR"

    PINNACLE STRUCTURES INC (View Classification) — "PBR"

    PRIME BUILDING COMPONENTS L L C (View Classification) — "R Panel"


    REEDS METALS OF BENTON (View Classification) — "PBR"

    RIGID GLOBAL BUILDINGS L L C (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    S&S STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "RR" or "PRR"

    SAN ANTONIO QUALITY METALS (View Classification) — "R-Panel", "PBR-Panel"

    SBC BUILDING SYSTEMS L L C (View Classification) — "SBC PBR Panel"

    SCHULTE BUILDING SYSTEMS INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    SOUTHWEST METAL COMPONENTS AND SUPPLY LP (View Classification) — "R-Panel" or "PBR"

    SPIRCO MANUFACTURING (View Classification) — "R Panel"

    STANDARD STRUCTURES INC (View Classification) — "PBR Panel" or "R Panel"

    STEEL BUILDING SUPPLY INC (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR" Panel

    TAYLOR & SONS PIPE & STEEL INC (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    TERRY BUILDING CO INC (View Classification) — "R" Panel


    TSB INDUSTRIAL INC (View Classification) — "R" Panel

    TREMCO INC — "TremLock "R" Panel"

    UNION CORRUGATING CO (View Classification) — "R-Panel" or "PBR-Panel"

    UNITED STRUCTURES OF AMERICA INC (View Classification) — "U. S. A. R"

    WEST TEXAS STEEL & SUPPLY (View Classification) — "R" or "PBR"

    WHEELER METALS INC (View Classification) — "R-Panel"

    WHIRLWIND STEEL BUILDINGS INC (View Classification) — "Super Span (X)"

    2. Panel Fasteners — For panel to panel and panel to purlin connections to be No. 12-14 by 1 in. self-drilling, self-tapping, hex head, plated steel screws with a 5/8 in. OD formed steel washer and a neoprene sealing washer.

    As alternate Fasteners — For panel to purlin connections, 1/4 - 14 HHAB self-tapping, plating steel screws, with a separate 5/8 in. OD dome shaped steel washer and a neoprene sealing washer may be used.

    Or: No. 14-10HHA, self-tapping, plating steel screws, with a separate, 5/8 in. OD dome shaped steel washer and a neoprene sealing washer may be used.

    Spacing, for panel — to — purlin connections to be 12 in. on center beginning 2 — 1/2 in. from center line on one side of each major rib. Spacing at end lap to be in a 5 — 7 — 5 — 7 in. pattern beginning 2 — 1/2 in. from the center line on both sides of each major rib.

    Fastener for panel to purlin connection to be 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 in. long when insulation (Item 3) is greater that 4-1/2 in.

    Spacing for panel — to — panel connections to be 20 in. on center with a fastener located in line with the purlin fasteners.

    3. Insulation — (Optional) — Any compressible blanket insulation 6 in. maximum thickness before compression.
    4. Purlin — No. 16 MSG minimum gauge steel (50,000 psi minimum yield).
    5. Lateral Bracing — (Not Shown) — As required.

    Refer to General Information, Roof Deck Construction, (On-Line Certification Directory) for items not evaluated.

    * Indicates such products shall bear the UL or cUL Certification Mark for jurisdictions employing the UL or cUL Certification (such as Canada), respectively.

Last Updated on 2018-11-08
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