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This category covers mechanical compression refrigeration systems and absorption-type refrigeration systems, including refrigerant-containing components and associated controls.

Some of this equipment may employ water to directly or indirectly cool the refrigerant condenser. Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted as to the requirements for this equipment with respect to connection to water supply and waste disposal lines.

In permanently wired equipment employing two or more motors or a motor(s) and other loads operating from a single supply circuit, the motor overload protective devices (including thermal protectors for motors) and other factory-installed motor-circuit components and wiring are investigated on the basis of compliance with the motor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection requirements of Sections 430.53(C) and 440.22 of ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code" (NEC). Such multimotor and combination load equipment is intended to be connected to a branch circuit protected by overcurrent devices which do not exceed the value marked on the data plate or attached wiring diagram. This marked protective-device rating is the maximum for which the equipment has been investigated and found acceptable. If the marking specifies circuit breakers or overcurrent-protective devices, the equipment can be protected by fuses, "HACR Type" circuit breakers, or any properly sized circuit breakers.

Cord-connected equipment that requires circuit breakers or time-delay fuses to permit restarting is marked to this effect.

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