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This category covers prefabricated wiring systems that may incorporate modular multipole connectors, AC cable, MC cable, flexible metal conduit, hard usage cord, outlet boxes, splitter assemblies, remote control switching assemblies and devices. The wiring systems cannot be field inspected by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) without damage to the assembly.

Manufactured wiring systems suitable for patient care areas are intended for installation in accordance with Article 517 of ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code" (NEC).

These prefabricated modules and assemblies are intended for installation rearrangement and inspection in accessible locations in accordance with Article 604 of the NEC. AHJs should be consulted before installation.

This equipment is intended to be connected to supply circuits of up to 600 V ac and maximum rating of 40 A per circuit.

A manufactured wiring system is suitable for interconnection with another Listee's manufactured wiring system when specifically identified in the installation instructions.


Each bi-directional wiring assembly is marked "WARNING: Risk of Fire or Electric Shock," and the following or equivalent: "Do not electrically connect to more than one source of supply. Always determine that the wiring assembly is electrically connected to one and only one source of supply."

Manufactured wiring systems suitable for installation in patient care areas are marked "Suitable for patient care areas of health care facilities other than anesthetizing locations."

Manufactured wiring systems suitable for installation in ducts are marked "Suitable for use in ducts."

Manufactured wiring systems suitable for installation in air-handling spaces other than ducts are marked "Suitable for use in environmental air-handling spaces (plenums)."

Assemblies of manufactured wiring systems suitable for use in outdoor locations are marked "Outdoor."


One of the following product identities appears on the product:

    Distribution Box

    Tap Box

Other product identities may be used as shown in the individual certifications.


For additional information, see Electrical Equipment for Use in Ordinary Locations (AALZ).


The basic standard used to investigate products in this category is ANSI/UL 183, "Manufactured Wiring Systems."


The Certification Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Certification and Follow-Up Service. The Certification Mark for these products includes the UL symbol, the words "CERTIFIED" and "SAFETY," the geographic identifier(s), and a file number.

Alternate UL Mark

The Listing Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Listing and Follow-Up Service. The Listing Mark for these products includes the UL symbol (as illustrated in the Introduction of this Directory) together with the word "LISTED," a control number, and the product name "Distribution Box" or "Tap Box," or other appropriate product name as shown in the individual Listings.

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The appearance of a company's name or product in this database does not in itself assure that products so identified have been manufactured under UL's Follow-Up Service. Only those products bearing the UL Mark should be considered to be Certified and covered under UL's Follow-Up Service. Always look for the Mark on the product.

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