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This category covers portable light-emitting-diode (LED) luminaires whose primary function is task or ambient illumination. These products are intended for connection to a nominal 120 V, 15 or 20 A branch circuit by means of an attachment plug, a mating connector assembly, or a nonintegral power supply. They are intended for use in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code" (NEC).

This category also covers low-voltage LED lighting systems intended for installation under a shelf, cabinet, or similar structural surface, in accordance with Article 411 of the NEC, where the power supply is of the attachment-plug equipped, cord-connected type, or is a direct-plug-in type.

The individual certifications may include one or more Roman numerals (from II through XIV) that had previously been used to identify certain types of portable luminaires covered under that certification. This identification system is no longer in use, and these Roman numerals can be disregarded.


Products investigated for use in damp or wet locations are so marked.


One of the following product identities appears on the product:

    Portable LED Luminaire

    Portable Light-emitting-diode Luminaire


Portable electric hand lamps are covered under Portable Electric Hand Lamps (QORX).

Nightlights are covered under Nightlights (QOYX).

Portable LED luminaires that comply with the requirements in ANSI/UL 48, "Electric Signs," may also be certified as Signs (UXYT).

Unassembled portable luminaires are covered under Portable Luminaire Accessories, Kits and Subassemblies (QPAU).


For additional information, see Portable Lighting Products (QOTU) and Electrical Equipment for Use in Ordinary Locations (AALZ).


The basic standard used to investigate products in this category is ANSI/UL 153, "Portable Electric Luminaires."


The Certification Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Certification and Follow-Up Service. The Certification Mark for these products includes the UL symbol, the words "CERTIFIED" and "SAFETY," the geographic identifier(s), and a file number.

The Certification Mark for this category requires the use of a holographic label.

Alternate UL Mark

The Listing Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Listing and Follow-Up Service. The Listing Mark for these products includes the UL symbol (as illustrated in the Introduction of this Directory) together with the word "LISTED," a control number, and the product name "Portable Light-emitting-diode Luminaire" (or "Portable LED Luminaire").

The Listing Mark for this category requires the use of a holographic label.

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