Metallic Outlet Boxes

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Trademark and/or Tradename: , , , , , ,

1-Gang ring and 2-gang ring receptacles, Model(s) 42000*, 42050*, 42050T*, 51025*, 51075*

Adjustable mud rings, Model(s) 3GAR-34, 4AR1G-34, 4AR1G-58, 4AR2G-34, 4AR2G-58, 4ARR-34 [g], 5AR1G-34, 5AR1G-58, 5AR2G-58, 5AR3G-34, 5ARR-34

Bar Hangers, Model(s) BH-1, BH-1S, BH-1SC, BH-2, BH-2NC, BH-3, BH-C, BHA-1, BHA-16, BHA-1C, BHA-24, BHT-1, BHT-1A, BHT-C

Blank cover plates, for wet locations, Model(s) 2BC-W

Box stabilizers, Model(s) USBS

Concrete box covers, Model(s) CB-B, CB-BK, CB-BK-STUD

Conduit bodies, Model(s) C-100#, C-125#, C-150#, C-200#, C-250#, C-300#, C-350#, C-400#, C-50#, C-75#, LB-100#, LB-125#, LB-150#, LB-200#, LB-250#, LB-300#, LB-350#, LB-400#, LB-50#, LB-75#, LL-100#, LL-125#, LL-150#, LL-200#, LL-250#, LL-300#, LL-350#, LL-400#, LL-50#, LL-75#, LR-100#, LR-125#, LR-150#, LR-200#, LR-250#, LR-300#, LR-350#, LR-400#, LR-50#, LR-75#, SSC-100#, SSC-125#, SSC-150#, SSC-200#, SSC-250#, SSC-300#, SSC-350#, SSC-400#, SSC-50#, SSC-75#, SSLB-100#, SSLB-125#, SSLB-150#, SSLB-200#, SSLB-250#, SSLB-300#, SSLB-350#, SSLB-400#, SSLB-50#, SSLB-75#, SSLL-100#, SSLL-125#, SSLL-150#, SSLL-200#, SSLL-250#, SSLL-300#, SSLL-350#, SSLL-400#, SSLL-50#, SSLL-75#, SSLR-100#, SSLR-125#, SSLR-150#, SSLR-200#, SSLR-250#, SSLR-300#, SSLR-350#, SSLR-400#, SSLR-50#, SSLR-75#, SST-100#, SST-125#, SST-150#, SST-200#, SST-250#, SST-300#, SST-350#, SST-400#, SST-50#, SST-75#, T-100#, T-125#, T-150#, T-200#, T-250#, T-300#, T-350#, T-400#, T-50#, T-75#

Conduit bodies with covers, Model(s) LBM-125, LBM-150

Conduit bodies, gray iron group 8, wet locations with threaded rigid or intermediate metal conduit, Model(s) C8-100[@], C8-125[@], C8-150[@], C8-200[@], C8-250[@], C8-300[@], C8-50[@], C8-75[@], LB8-100[@], LB8-125[@], LB8-150[@], LB8-200[@], LB8-250[@], LB8-300[@], LB8-350[@], LB8-400[@], LB8-50[@], LB8-75[@], LL8-100[@], LL8-125[@], LL8-150[@], LL8-200[@], LL8-250[@], LL8-300[@], LL8-50[@], LL8-75[@], LR8-100[@], LR8-125[@], LR8-150[@], LR8-200[@], LR8-250[@], LR8-300[@], LR8-50[@], LR8-75[@], T8-100[@], T8-125[@], T8-150[@], T8-200[@], T8-250[@], T8-300[@], T8-50[@], T8-75[@]

Cover plates, swivel type, Model(s) 4R000*, 4R000X*, 4R050*, 4R050X*, 4R058*, 4R058X*, 4R075*, 4R075X*, 4R100*, 4R100X*, 4R125*, 4R125X*, 4R150*, 4R150X*, 4R200*, SCR-50*, SCS-50*

Cover plates, swivel type, for fixture support, Model(s) SCR-75*, SCS-75*

Covers, Model(s) 1MFC-B (a), 1MFC-D (a), 1MFC-TS (a), 1SFC-B, 1SFC-D (a), 1SFC-G, 1SFC-TS (a), GICG7-100, GICG7-125, GICG7-150, GICG7-200, GICG7-250/300, GICG7-350/400, GICG7-50, GICG7-75, GICG8-100, GICG8-125, GICG8-150, GICG8-200, GICG8-250/300, GICG8-350/400, GICG8-50, GICG8-75, SCG7-100, SCG7-125, SCG7-150, SCG7-200, SCG7-250/300, SCG7-350/400, SCG7-50, SCG7-75, SCG8-100, SCG8-125, SCG8-150, SCG8-200, SCG8-250/300, SCG8-350/400, SCG8-50, SCG8-75

Covers and gaskets, for wet locations, Model(s) CG-100, CG-125/150, CG-200, CG-250/300, CG-350/400, CG-50, CG-75, SC-100, SC-125/150, SC-200, SC-250/300, SC-350/400, SC-50, SC-75

Covers, for wet locations, Model(s) 1-BC, 1-BC-BR, 1-BC-G, 1-BC-W, 1C-BR, 1C-DH, 1C-DH-BR, 1C-DH-W, 1C-DV, 1C-DV-BR, 1C-DV-W, 1C-GH, 1C-GV, 1C-PO20, 1C-PO30, 1C-PO40, 1C-SV, 1C-SV-BR, 1C-SV-W, 1C-SW, 1C-SW-20, 1C-SW-NS, 1C-TS, 1C-TS-BR, 1C-TS-W, 1C-W, 1CA-SW-BR, 1CA-SW-W, 1CL-DV, 1CL-GV, 1CL-SV, 2-BC, 2-BC-G, 2C-2D, 2C-2S, 2C-2SW, 2C-2SW-BR, 2C-2SW-W, 2C-DH, 2C-SD, 2CA-SW-BR, 2CA-SW-W, 3-BC, 3-BC-G, RC-2, RC-2-BR, RC-2-W, RE-2

Covers, for wet locations and switch combinations, Model(s) 1CA-SW15-BR, 1CA-SW15-W, 1CA-SW20-BR, 1CA-SW20-W, 2CA-SW15-BR, 2CA-SW15-W, 2CA-SW20-BR, 2CA-SW20-W

Covers, wet locations, Model(s) 1CA-SW

Extension boxes, for wet locations, Model(s) EXF50-2, EXF50-4, EXF50-6, EXF75-2, EXF75-4, EXF75-6

Extension rings, for wet locations, Model(s) 2EXB50-6, 2EXB50-8, 2EXB75-6, 2EXB75-8, EXB50-4, EXB50-6, EXB75-4, EXB75-6, EXR-1, EXR-2, EXR50-4, EXR75-4

Extension rings, wet locations, Model(s) EXR-R (&)

Floor box assemblies, Model(s) FLB-D-BR, FLB-D-SS, FLB-DD-BR, FLB-DD-SS, FLB-R1G-BR, FLB-R1G-SS, FLB-R2G-DD-BR, FLB-R2G-DD-SS

Flush device box covers, Model(s) 1CL-SV, 2C-2G, 2C-2G-BR, 2C-2G-W, 2C-GD, 2C-GS, 2CL-PO50, 2CL-PO60

Flush device cover plates, Model(s) WIUM-1DH (&), WIUM-1DW, WIUM-2U (&)

Flush device cover plates, for wet locations, Model(s) 1CA-SW (&), 2C-SW, 2C-SW-W, 2CA-SW# (&)

Flush device cover plates, for wet locations when cover closed, Model(s) 3C-3D, 3C-3G, 3C-3S

Flush-device cover plates, Model(s) 1C-U (&), 2C-U (&), 3C-U (&), WIUM-1DV (&)

Flush-device cover plates, wet locations, Model(s) 2CA-2SW (&)

Gangable switch boxes, Model(s) GB-1+, GB-1-B+, GB-1-FB+, GB-1-MC+, GB-1-MC-B+, GB-1-MC-FB+, GB-1-MC-OW+, GB-1-MKO+, GB-1-NE+, GB-1-NM+, GB-1-NM-B+, GB-1-NM-FB+, GB-1-NM-OW+, GB-1-OW+, GBV+, GBV-B+, GBV-FB+, GBV-NE+, GBV-OW+, GDB-1-MC-B+, GDB-1-MC-FB+, GDB-1-NE+, GDB-1-NM+, GDB-1-NM-B+, GDB-1-NM-FB+, GESB-1+, GESB-1-MC+, GESB-1-NM+, GMB-1+, GMB-1-MC+, GMB-1-MC-B+, GMB-1-MC-FB+, GMB-1-MC-OW+, GMB-1-NE+, GMB-1-NM+, GMB-1-NM-B+, GMB-1-NM-FB+, GMB-1-NM-OW+, GMB-2-B+, GMB-2-FB+, GMB-2-MC-FB+, GMB-2-NM-FB+, GMB-MC-NO+, GMB-NM-NO+, GSB-1+, GSB-1-MC+, GSB-1-NM+, GSB-1-OW+, SB-EXT+, SBS+, SGM-1+, SGM-1-MC+, SGM-1-NM+, TG-1-MC+, TG-1-NM+, TGD-1+, TGMW+

Handy boxes, Model(s) 1GAB+, DHB-1-50+, DHB-1-75+, DHSSB-1-50+, HB-1-50+, HB-1-50-EXT+, HB-1-MKO+, HB-1-MKO-AB+, HB-1-MKO-EXT+, HB-1-MKO-FB+, HDB-1-50+, HDB-1-50-FB+, HDB-1-MKO+, HDB-1-MKO-AB+, HDB-1-MKO-FB+, HSB-1-50+, HSB-1-50-B+, HSB-1-50-EXT+, WDHB-1-50+

Masonry boxes, Model(s) MB-1*, MB-2*, MB-3*, MB-4*, MB-5*, MB-6*, MBG-1*, MSB-1*, MSB-2*, MSB-3*, MSB-4*, MSB-5*, MSB-6*, MSBG-1*, MTB-350*, MTB-550*, MTB-750*

Masonry boxes with brackets, Model(s) GMB-1-FB*, HTB-FB*, MSB-3-FB*, MSB-4-FB*, MSB-5-FB*

Metallic outlet box covers, Model(s) 3RBC*, 3RBCK*, 3RC-DR*, 3RC-PO*, 3RC-SR*, 3RC-TS*, 41000*, 41000T*, 41025*, 41025T*, 41050*, 41050T*, 41058*, 41058T*, 41075*, 41075T*, 41100*, 41100T*, 41125*, 41125T*, 41150*, 41150T*, 41200*, 41200T*, 42025*, 42025T*, 42058*, 42058T*, 42075*, 42075T*, 42100*, 42100T*, 42125*, 42125T*, 42150*, 42150T*, 42200*, 42200T*, 43000*, 43000X*, 43050*, 43050X*, 43058*, 43058X*, 43075*, 43075X*, 43100*, 43100X*, 43125*, 43125X*, 43150*, 43150X*, 43200*, 43200X*, 4400*, 4401*, 4402*, 4403*, 4404*, 4405*, 4406*, 4407*, 4408*, 4409*, 4411*, 4412*, 4413*, 4414*, 4414C*, 4422*, 4423*, 4424*, 4424C*, 4433*, 4444*, 4444C*, 4BC*, 4BC-MKO*, 4BCK*, 4M10-B*, 4M10-DR*, 4M10-GFI*, 4M10-TS*, 4M2-B*, 4M2-DR*, 4M2-FGI*, 4M2-TS*, 4M3-B*, 4M3-DR*, 4M3-GFI*, 4M3-TS*, 4M4-B*, 4M4-DR*, 4M4-GFI*, 4M4-TS*, 4M5-B*, 4M5-DR*, 4M5-GFI*, 4M5-TS*, 4M6-B*, 4M6-DR*, 4M6-FGI*, 4M6-TS*, 4M7-B*, 4M7-DR*, 4M7-GFI*, 4M7-TS*, 4M8-B*, 4M8-DR*, 4M8-GFI*, 4M8-TS*, 4M9-B*, 4M9-DR*, 4M9-GFI*, 4M9-TS*, 4RBC*, 4RBC-MKO*, 4RBCK*, 4RBCR*, 4RC-DR*, 4RC-PO*, 4RC-SR*, 4RC-TS*, 51000*, 51050*, 51058*, 51100*, 51125*, 51150*, 51200*, 52000*, 52025*, 52050*, 52058*, 52075*, 52100*, 52125*, 52150*, 52200*, 53000*, 53000X*, 53050*, 53050X*, 53058*, 53058X*, 53075*, 53075X*, 53100*, 53100X*, 53125*, 53125X*, 53150*, 53150X*, 53200*, 53200X*, 5501*, 5502*, 5503*, 5504*, 5505*, 5506*, 5507*, 5508*, 5511*, 5512*, 5514*, 5522*, 5524*, 5544*, 5BC*, 5BC-MKO*, 5BCK*, ABS*, B-5BC*, B-T5C*, CP-5*, CP-5NM*, GC*, GS-1032*, GS-1032-PT*, NS-100*, NS-50/75*, OS1*, OS11*, OS113*, OS126*, OS13*, OS18*, OS2*, OS21*, OS226*, OS23*, OS26*, OS262*, OS263*, OS264*, OS3*, OS33*, OS4*, OS43*, OS7*, OS701*, OS703*, OS724*, OS737*, OS8*, OS82*, OS826*, OS83*, OS84*, OWG*, SP-1*, SP-12*, SP-18*, SP-35*, SP-6*, SP-9*, SR-10*, SR-2*, SR-8*, SR-9*, T5C*, T5R*

Metallic outlet boxes for ceiling fan and light fixture support products, Model(s) FS4PB+, FS4PB-NBH+, FSB+, FSB-FB+, FSB-NBH+, FSB-OBH+, FSDB+, FSDB-FB+, FSDB-NBH+, FSDB-OBH+

Metallic outlet boxes for conduit use, Model(s) 25CB*, 2CB*, 35CB*, 35CB-50*, 35CB-75*, 3CB*, 4CB*, 4CB-50*, 4CB-75*, 4SB-MC*, 4SB-MC-FB*, 4SB-MKO*, 4SB-MKO-FB*, 5CB*, 6CB*, DHB-2*, DHB-3*, DHB-3-B*, DHB-4*, DHB-4-B*, EALB*, EALBS*, HB-1-50-FB*, SB-3*, SB-4*, SB-5*, SB-6*, SB-7*

Metallic outlet boxes for fan/fixture support, Model(s) 25CB-F, 2CB-F, 35CB-50-F, 35CB-75-F, 35CB-F, 3CB-F, 4CB-50-F, 4CB-75-F, 4CB-F, 5CB-F, 6CB-F

Multigang switch boxes, Model(s) DHB-2-B+, DHB-2-FB+, DHB-3-FB+, DHB-4-FB+, SB-10+, SB-2+, SB-8+, SB-9+, SB-D+, SDB-2+, SDB-3+, SDB-4+, SDB-5+, SDB-6+, SDBL-2+, SDBL-3+, SDBL-4+, SDBL-5+, SDBL-6+

Octagon boxes, Model(s) 3RB-50+, 3RB-50-EXT+, 3RB-50-FB+, 3RB-NM+, 3RB-NM-FB+, 4RB-50+, 4RB-50-BHA+, 4RB-50-EXT+, 4RB-50-FB+, 4RB-50-LB+, 4RB-MC+, 4RB-MC-BHA+, 4RB-MC-E+, 4RB-MC-FB+, 4RB-MC-LB+, 4RB-MKO+, 4RB-MKO-EXT+, 4RB-MKO-FB+, 4RB-NM+, 4RB-NM-BHA+, 4RB-NM-E+, 4RB-NM-FB+, 4RB-NM-LB+, 4RB-NM-SG+, 4RDB-MC+, 4RDB-MC-FB+, 4RDB-MC-LB+, 4RDB-MKO+, 4RDB-MKO-FB+, 4RDB-NM+, 4RDB-NM-FB+, 4RDB-NM-LB+, D4RB-50+, D4RB-50-EXT+, D4RB-50/75+, D4RB-50/75-EXT+

Outlet box, Model(s) 3PB*, 3PB-NM*, 3PDB-NM*, 4PB*, 4PB-NM*

Outlet box covers, Model(s) SR-3*, SR-4*, SR-5*, SR-6*, SR-7*

Outlet box support mounting brackets, Model(s) US4SB-W/USB, US5SB-W/USB, USB-XX-PT (XX=Part Number), USDBM, USTBM, USTS-W/USB

Outlet boxes, for wet locations, Model(s) 1B50-3, 1B50-4, 1B50-5, 1B50-5X, 1B75-3, 1B75-4, 1B75-5, 1B75-5W, 1B75-5X, 1DB100-3, 1DB100-5X, 1DB50-3, 1DB50-4, 1DB50-5X, 1DB75-3, 1DB75-4, 1DB75-5X, 2B100-3, 2B100-4, 2B100-5X, 2B50-3, 2B50-4, 2B50-5, 2B50-5X, 2B50-6X, 2B50-7, 2B50-7X, 2B50-9, 2B75-3, 2B75-4, 2B75-5, 2B75-5X, 2B75-6X, 2B75-7, 2B75-7X, 2B75-9, 2DB100-5, 2DB100-7X, 2DB50-5, 2DB50-7X, 2DB75-5, 2DB75-7X, 3DB100-7, 3DB50-7, 3DB75-7, DBT-100, DBT-5, DBT-75, RB50-5, RB75-5

Outlet boxes, for wet locations only when cover is closed, Model(s) 1B100-3

Outlet boxes, wet locations, Model(s) 1MFD-100, 1MFD-50, 1MFD-75, 1MFDC-100, 1MFDC-50, 1MFDC-75, 1MFS-100, 1MFS-50, 1MFS-75, 1MFSC-100, 1MFSC-50, 1MFSC-75


Rigid conduit bodies, wet locations with threaded rigid or intermediate metal conduit, Model(s) C7-100[@], C7-125[@], C7-150[@], C7-200[@], C7-250[@], C7-300[@], C7-50[@], C7-75[@], LB7-100[@], LB7-125[@], LB7-150[@], LB7-200[@], LB7-250[@], LB7-300[@], LB7-350[@], LB7-400[@], LB7-50[@], LB7-75[@], LBM-200[%], LBM-250[%], LBM-300[%], LBM-350[%], LBM-400[%], LL7-100[@], LL7-125[@], LL7-150[@], LL7-200[@], LL7-250[@], LL7-300[@], LL7-400[@], LL7-50[@], LL7-75[@], LR7-100[@], LR7-125[@], LR7-150[@], LR7-200[@], LR7-250[@], LR7-300[@], LR7-400[@], LR7-50[@], LR7-75[@], T7-100[@], T7-125[@], T7-150[@], T7-200[@], T7-250[@], T7-300[@], T7-400[@], T7-50[@], T7-75[@]

Set screw conduit bodies, Model(s) LLC-350, SSC-100, SSC-125, SSC-150, SSC-200, SSC-250, SSC-300, SSC-350, SSC-400, SSC-50, SSC-75, SSLB-100, SSLB-125, SSLB-150, SSLB-200, SSLB-50, SSLB-75, SSLL-100, SSLL-125, SSLL-150, SSLL-200, SSLL-250, SSLL-300, SSLL-400, SSLL-50, SSLL-75, SSLR-100, SSLR-125, SSLR-150, SSLR-200, SSLR-250, SSLR-300, SSLR-350, SSLR-400, SSLR-50, SSLR-75, SST-100, SST-125, SST-150, SST-200, SST-250, SST-300, SST-350, SST-400, SST-50, SST-75

Square boxes, Model(s) 4SB-50-EXT+, 4SB-50/75+, 4SB-50/75-EXT+, 4SB-50/75-FB+, 4SB-50/75-MS+, 4SB-75+, 4SB-75-EXT+, 4SB-75-FB+, 4SB-MC-B+, 4SB-MC-MS+, 4SB-MC-WB+, 4SB-MKO-AB+, 4SB-MKO-B+, 4SB-MKO-EHB+, 4SB-MKO-EXT+, 4SB-MKO-MS+, 4SB-MKO-OB+, 4SB-MKO-WB+, 4SB-NM+, 4SB-NM-B+, 4SB-NM-FB+, 4SB-NM-MS+, 4SB-NM-WB+, 4SDB-100+, 4SDB-100-FB+, 4SDB-50+, 4SDB-50-FB+, 4SDB-50/75+, 4SDB-50/75-AB-PT-BSA+, 4SDB-50/75-FB+, 4SDB-50/75-MS+, 4SDB-50/75-PT-BSA+, 4SDB-75+, 4SDB-75-FB+, 4SDB-75/100+, 4SDB-BP*, 4SDB-MC+, 4SDB-MC-B+, 4SDB-MC-FB+, 4SDB-MC-MS+, 4SDB-MC-WB+, 4SDB-MC2-FB+, 4SDB-MKO+, 4SDB-MKO-AB-PT-BSA+, 4SDB-MKO-EXT, 4SDB-MKO-FB+, 4SDB-MKO-MS+, 4SDB-MKO-OB, 4SDB-MKO-OB-FB, 4SDB-MKO-PT-BSA+, 4SDB-MKO-PT-OB*, 4SDB-MKO-WB+, 4SDB-NM+, 4SDB-NM-B+, 4SDB-NM-FB+, 4SDB-NM-WB+, 4SEDB-CKO+, 4SEDB-CKO-FB+, 5SDB-100+, 5SDB-100-FB+, 5SDB-125+5SDB-MC+, 5SDB-50+, 5SDB-50-FB+, 5SDB-50/75+, 5SDB-50/75-AB-PT-BSA+, 5SDB-50/75-EXT+, 5SDB-50/75-FB+, 5SDB-50/75-MS+, 5SDB-50/75-PT-BSA+, 5SDB-75/100+, 5SDB-75/100-FB+, 5SDB-MC-FB+, 5SDB-MC-MS+, 5SDB-MC2+, 5SDB-MC2-FB+, 5SDB-MC2-MS+, 5SDB-MKO+, 5SDB-MKO-A-PT*, 5SDB-MKO-AB-PT-BSA+, 5SDB-MKO-EXT+, 5SDB-MKO-FB+, 5SDB-MKO-MS+, 5SDB-MKO-PT-BSA+, 5SLB-2MKO+, 5SLB-MKO+, 5SSB-MKO+, 5SSB-MKO-EXT+, B-5SLB*, D4SB-50+, D4SB-50-FB+, D4SB-50/75+, D4SB-50/75-FB+, D4SB-75+, D4SB-CKO+, D4SB-CKO-FB+, D4SDB-50+, D4SDB-50-FB+, D4SDB-75+, D4SDB-75-FB+, D4SDB-CKO+, D4SDB-CKO-FB+, D4SSB-50+, D5SDB-50/75+, D5SDB-50/75-FB+, D5SDB-CKO+, D5SDB-CKO-FB+, D5SDB-CKO-S+, UMAB*

Switch boxes, Model(s) TG-1

Threaded conduit bodies, for rigid/intermediate metallic conduit, for wet locations, Model(s) LB, LL, C or T, followed by -50, -75, -100, -125, -150, -200 or -350, may be followed by CG or SC.

Threaded conduit bodies, for wet locations, Model(s) SSLB-250, SSLB-300, SSLB-350, SSLB-400

Threaded rigid metal conduit bodies, for wet locations, Model(s) MC-100, MC-125, MC-150, MC-200, MC-250, MC-300, MC-350, MC-400, MC-50, MC-75, MLB-100, MLB-125, MLB-150, MLB-200, MLB-250, MLB-300, MLB-350, MLB-400, MLB-50, MLB-75, MLL-100, MLL-125, MLL-150, MLL-200, MLL-250, MLL-300, MLL-350, MLL-400, MLL-50, MLL-75, MLR-100, MLR-125, MLR-150, MLR-200, MLR-250, MLR-300, MLR-350, MLR-400, MLR-50, MLR-75, MT-100, MT-125, MT-150, MT-200, MT-250, MT-300, MT-350, MT-400, MT-50, MT-75

(a) - May be followed by -HDG.

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