Low-voltage AC Power-switching Devices, PAPU

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This category covers devices such as low-voltage ac power circuit breakers, low-voltage dc power circuit breakers, low-voltage ac power circuit protectors, low-voltage ac integrally-fused power circuit breakers, and low-voltage power-switching device adapters.

Low-voltage power-switching devices have been investigated for continuous duty at 100% of their current ratings and are designed to provide service-entrance, feeder or branch-circuit protection. They may be manually and/or electrically operable.

These low-voltage power-switching devices, enclosures and adapters are for use with copper conductors unless marked to indicate which terminals are suitable for use with aluminum conductors. Such markings are independent of any marking on terminal connectors and are on a wiring diagram or other readily-visible location.

Stationary equipment is normally bus connected. However, terminal pads are provided which can accommodate field-installed pressure-wire connectors.


Unless the device is marked to indicate otherwise, the wiring space and current-carrying capacity are based on the use of 60°C wire in circuits rated 100 A or less, and on the use of 75°C wire for higher amp-rated circuits.

Low-voltage power-switching devices suitable for use with an accessory are marked to indicate the accessory(s), the electrical rating and proper connections (if not obvious).

Low-voltage power-switching devices without enclosures are intended for use only in Listed enclosures or as part of other Listed equipment which has been and are marked for use with a specific low-voltage power switching device.

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