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This category covers internally illuminated exit signs intended to be connected to a single source of power in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code," ANSI/NFPA 101, "Life Safety Code," ANSI/NFPA 5000, "Building Construction and Safety Code," and/or the "International Building Code."


Exit fixtures have been investigated for use in dry locations only unless marked as suitable for damp or wet locations. Products marked as suitable for indoor damp or wet locations have not been investigated for UV exposure. All products have been investigated for use in ambient temperatures of 20-30°C (68-86°F) unless otherwise marked with an extended use temperature range.

Exit fixtures have been investigated for visibility from 100 ft.


The following product identity appears on the product:

    Exit Fixture


Exit signs intended for connection to more than one source of power, or with an integral backup power source, are covered under Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment (FTBR). Exit signs with no connection to a source of electrical power are covered under Exit Signs, Self-luminous and Photoluminescent (FWBX).

Kits intended to convert exit signs from one type of internal light source to another are covered under Exit Sign Conversion Kits (FWCF) or Exit Sign Retrofit Kits (GGET).


For additional information, see Electrical Equipment for Use in Ordinary Locations (AALZ) and Building Materials (AABM).


The basic standard used to investigate products in this category is ANSI/UL 924, "Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment."


The Certification Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Certification and Follow-Up Service. The Certification Mark for these products includes the UL symbol, the words "CERTIFIED" and "SAFETY," the geographic identifier(s), and a file number.

Alternate UL Mark

The Listing Mark of UL on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Listing and Follow-Up Service. The Listing Mark for these products includes the UL symbol (as illustrated in the Introduction of this Directory) together with the word "LISTED," a control number, and the product name "Exit Fixture."

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