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System No. 40B

February 15, 2019

Fire Rating - 2 Hr.

Fig. 1
Kindorf J-800 Series Interlocking Strap
Fig. 2
Two-piece Single-bolt Pipe Clamp
Fig. 3
Steel Strut Trapeze
    1. Wall or Floor Assembly — Minimum 2 hour fire rated concrete or masonry wall or concrete floor. Opening in wall or floor through which raceway passes is to be sized to closely follow the contour of the raceway. Through opening in wall or floor to be firestopped using a compatible firestop system. See Through-Penetration Firestop Systems (Guide XHEZ) category for presently Certified firestop systems.
    2. Fire-Resistive Cable* — The hourly fire rating applies to cable passing completely through a fire zone and terminating a minimum of 12 inches beyond the fire rated wall or floor bounding the fire zone. The cables as identified below may be installed in the vertical or horizontal orientation.

    COMTRAN LLC — Armored Type FPLR-LS/CL3R-LS VitaLink Brand. To be installed as described herein and in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions dated September 2018.

    3. Supports — (Figures 1 and 2) - Min 12 gauge, by 1-1/2 in. wide or 1-5/8 in. wide, painted or unpainted, slotted steel channels with hemmed flange edges. Channel bottom with or without holes. Lengths of slotted steel channels 5 ft. and less shall be secured to the wall or floor with a min of two 1/4 in. diameter (or larger) by 2-1/4 in. min long concrete screws, or 1/4 in. diameter (or larger) by 1-3/4 in. long min steel masonry anchors. One screw or anchor to be located at each end of the slotted steel channel. Lengths of slotted steel channel in excess of 5 ft. require a min of three screws or anchors, one at each end of the channel and one centrally located within the length of the channel. For horizontal cable installations, the supports shall be spaced a maximum of 5 ft. OC. For vertical cable installations, the supports shall be spaced a maximum of 6 ft. OC.
    3A. Trapeze-Type Supports — (Figure 3) - The cables shall be installed on/from trapeze-type supports. The trapeze-type supports shall be secured from the surface of the floor. The supports shall be spaced a maximum of 5 ft. OC.
    3B. Alternate Support — (Not Shown) - For horizontal applications only. Welded stainless steel wire support with 24-in. OC integral hook points and cable retainers, sized to correspond with the outside diameter of the cable. Refer to the cable manufacturer's installation instructions for details of the support components and installation method requirements.
    4. Clamps — For use with items 3 and 3A. Kindorf J-800 Series interlock strap, and/or two-piece single-bolt pipe clamps manufactured of 16 gauge steel, measuring 1-1/4 in. wide. Trade size to correspond with outside diameter of the cable.

    *Bearing the Certification Mark of UL

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