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BXUV - Fire Resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 Certified for United States

BXUV7 - Fire Resistance Ratings - CAN/ULC-S101 Certified for Canada

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Design Criteria and Allowable Variances

See General Information for Fire Resistance Ratings - CAN/ULC-S101 Certified for Canada
Design Criteria and Allowable Variances

Design No. U925

December 28, 2017

Nonbearing Wall Rating - 4 Hr.

* Indicates such products shall bear the UL or cUL Certification Mark for jurisdictions employing the UL or cUL Certification (such as Canada), respectively.

    1. Floor and Ceiling Runners — (Not Shown) - For use with Item 2. Channels shaped, fabricated from min. 0.0329 in. thick No. 20 gauge corrosion-protected steel, that provide a sound structural connection between steel studs and adjacent assemblies such as floor, ceiling and/or other walls. Attached to floor and ceiling assemblies with steel fasteners spaced not greater than 24 in. O.C.
    2. Steel Studs — Corrosion protected steel studs, min. 2-5/8 in wide, min. No. 20 MSG (0.0329 in. thick), cold formed, designed in accordance with the current edition of the Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members by the American Iron and Steel Institute. The max stud spacing of wall assemblies shall not exceed 24 in. O.C. Studs attached to floor and ceiling runners with 1/2 in. long Types S-12 pan head, self-drilling, self-tapping steel screws on both sides of the studs or by welded or bolted connections designed in accordance with AISI specifications.
    2A. Wood Studs — As an alternate to Item 2, nom. 2 in. by 4 in., spaced a max of 24 in. O.C. Stud to be effectively firestopped at the top and bottom of the wall with nom. 2 in. by 4 in. plates.
    3. Precast Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks* — Min 4 in. thick and max 24 in., nom., wide by 8 in., nom, high blocks.



    4. Angles — Angles 0.063 in. thick with one 2 in. leg and one 2-1/4 in. leg. Aluminum angles spaced a minimum of 32 in. vertically and 32 in. horizontally with Type W 1-1/4 in. min. to 3 in. max long screws secured through each angle leg at pre-drilled hole, studs (Item 2 or 2A) and precast autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (Item 2). 2-1/4 in. leg to be positioned on stud side and 2 in. leg to be positioned on AAC side.
    5. Thin Bed Mortar — Applied to all joints of each block.
    6. Gypsum Board* — Any 1/2 in. thick UL Classified Gypsum Board that is eligible for use in Design No. X515. Any 5/8 in. thick UL Classified Gypsum Board that is eligible for use in Design Nos. L501, G512 or U305. One layer of nom. 1/2 in. or 5/8 in. thick by 48 in. wide boards installed vertically to wood studs or steel studs. Joints to occur at stud locations. Gypsum board attached to steel studs using 1 in. long Type S-12 steel screws spaced 8 in. O.C. along the edges and 12 in. O.C. in the field. Gypsum board attached to wood studs using 1-3/4 in. long galv. nails with 0.128 in. dia. shank and 7/16 in. dia. head, spaced 8 in. O.C. along the edges and in the field Screws and nails located a min. of 1/2 in. from side joints and 3 in. form end joints.

    CABOT MANUFACTURING ULC (View Classification)CKNX.R25370

    AMERICAN GYPSUM CO (View Classification)CKNX.R14196


    CERTAINTEED GYPSUM INC (View Classification)CKNX.R3660

    CGC INC (View Classification)CKNX.R19751


    GEORGIA-PACIFIC GYPSUM L L C (View Classification)CKNX.R2717

    LOADMASTER SYSTEMS INC (View Classification)CKNX.R11809

    NATIONAL GYPSUM CO (View Classification)CKNX.R3501


    PANEL REY S A (View Classification)CKNX.R21796


    THAI GYPSUM PRODUCTS PCL (View Classification)CKNX.R27517

    UNITED STATES GYPSUM CO (View Classification)CKNX.R1319

    USG MEXICO S A DE C V (View Classification)CKNX.R16089

    7. Finishing System — (Not Shown) - Vinyl, dry or premixed joint compound, applied in two coats to joints and screw-heads or nail heads, paper tape, 2 in. wide, embedded in first layer of compound over all joints. As an alternate, nom. 3/32 in. thick veneer plaster may be applied to the entire surface of the gypsum wallboard.

    * Indicates such products shall bear the UL or cUL Certification Mark for jurisdictions employing the UL or cUL Certification (such as Canada), respectively.

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