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This category covers coating materials intended for application to building surfaces. They are divided into two categories: (1) Coatings, Fire Retardant, intended for application to interior combustible surfaces (and occasionally interior noncombustible surfaces) for the purpose of reducing the surface burning characteristics, and (2) Coatings, General Purpose, intended for various purposes. The purpose of the classification is to express the degree of surface burning characteristics of the coating.

The flash points (closed cup) of the fire retardant and general-purpose coatings (including preliminary and overcoatings) appear in the individual Classifications. The publication of the flash point data is not intended to establish a flammability classification of the liquid coatings, but to indicate the flashing characteristics of the liquid coatings under a standard test procedure. Where "no flash" is indicated, the coating has no flash point in the closed-cup tester.

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