Building Units Certified for Canada

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19402 - 56 AVE

Factory-assembled insulated building panels with pre-painted, 0.54 mm thick (minimum) steel skins and an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. Nominal width of "Korolite Insulated Metal Panels" panels is 1220 mm. Maximum thickness of each panel is 280 mm.

Sprinkler protection is required. The temperature rating of the sprinkler heads shall be 68°C and the orifice diameter shall be 12.7 mm. The sprinkler system shall provide the higher of a minimum water flow rate of 6.34 L/min for each square meter of interior floor area, or the requirement consistent with the hazard classification.

Panel joints are caulked with a continuous bead of silicone sealant. 50 by 50 mm steel flashing angle is fastened to the interior of the wall and ceiling corners, using self-tapping screws.

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